Our services

Our professional translation and interpreting services are available in multiple languages. Our main expertise is in Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, French, Romanian, Vietnamese and Korean, but we offer translation in any language.

Document translation

Our services include professional, certified or notarized document translations for personal, business or legal purposes. We provide 100% accurate translation for the following documentation:

  • Birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Driver licenses and official identification
  • College diplomas and academic transcripts
  • Medical reports
  • Invoices and meeting minutes

…among several other documents.

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In some situations, having an experienced interpreter present is necessary. For this reason, we offer top-quality interpreting services on-site and over the phone.

Situations in which our interpreting services may be required include:

  • Official interviews with government agencies (such as the USCIS, for immigration processes)
  • Courtroom appointments and hearings
  • Medical situations and emergencies
  • Legal procedures
  • Business conferences and events

Our interpreters will be wherever and whenever they are needed.

We can send an interpreter to any courtroom, hospital or conference within 24 hours of your request, if necessary. In case of emergency, we can even respond to same-day requests.

Knowing that your interpreter is accurately understanding and communicating everything is important. Especially, during legal procedures, such as, citizenship and immigration interviews and court appointments.

At CVL we offer face-to-face interpreting done by trustworthy and trained experts who know how to handle technical and legal conversations with diplomacy and professionalism.

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